Populism Can Kill You

1/ "Before the introduction of the measles vaccine in 1963, an estimated 3 – 4 MILLION patients contracted the disease each year in the United States — and about 400 to 500 died"
We ALL need to stand up to politicians who lie. Because it WILL kill us…. https://t.co/WLlZ2rdhx2

— Meenakshi Bewtra (@DrsMeena) February 28, 2019

2/….and, as a doctor married to an infectious disease doctor, I also feel the need to insert the following: STOP PERPETUATING THE LIE THAT ANTIBIOTICS CAN FIX EVERYTHING!!! THEY DO *NOT* WORK AGAINST VIRUSES! & USING THEM INAPPROPRIATELY SPREADS DRUG RESISTANCE & DISEASE!

— Meenakshi Bewtra (@DrsMeena) February 28, 2019


Populism can be a hazard to your health: @Bill_Zedler just spreads the medical disinformation which his base and GOP supporters want to hear, even if that can kill some of them and their children. That is evil.

cc: @washingtonposthttps://t.co/vaSSIUNkKW

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) February 28, 2019

Italy: A Little Help from Putin

Huge story breaking in Italy. Putin agreed to a request from Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini to covertly finance his Euro election campaign. The plan was to conceal the payment behind an apparently normal business deal. Sound familiar?
https://t.co/9nVuDKXzyq via @espressonline

— David Clark (@David_K_Clark) February 22, 2019

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Now it's available in German too. Publisher is an Austrian social-democratic magazine. https://t.co/3uIMXSy7gj

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) February 22, 2019


In English. https://t.co/JJ2jE0Ogvb

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) February 22, 2019

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Tucker Carlson Call One of His Guests A “Tiny Brain…moron”

1/ Here’s the interview that @TuckerCarlson and Fox News didn’t want you to see. I chose to release it, because I think we should keep talking about the corrupting influence of money in politics. It also shows how angry elites can get if you do that. https://t.co/hs1474MJNM

— Rutger Bregman (@rcbregman) February 20, 2019

2/ I stand behind what I said, but there’s one thing I should have done better. When Carlson asked me how he’s being influenced by Big Business and tax-avoiding billionaires, I should have quoted Noam Chomsky.

— Rutger Bregman (@rcbregman) February 20, 2019

3/ Years ago, when he was asked a similar question, Chomsky replied: ‘I’m sure you believe everything you’re saying. But what I’m saying is that if you believe something different, you wouldn’t be sitting where you’re sitting.’

— Rutger Bregman (@rcbregman) February 20, 2019


"Have you guys ever seen the show???"

Tucker always does that at the beginning. He sits there and agrees with them on a few points, and just eggs them on until they say something ridiculous. Bregman wasn't going to wait for the trap.

Smart guy.

— James E Jones (@jamesedjones) February 21, 2019

Trains Are Evil

Things which make Trump happy:

California has been forced to cancel the massive bullet train project after having spent and wasted many billions of dollars. They owe the Federal Government three and a half billion dollars. We want that money back now. Whole project is a “green” disaster!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 14, 2019


Here's the quote 2/ https://t.co/cybkW9kXcl pic.twitter.com/kUJdMiHRAt

— Paul Krugman (@paulkrugman) December 4, 2018


2018-12-04, update: 2019-02-15

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