Wolves and Sheep

That speech was delivered on occasion of the 2013 annual Margaret Thatcher lecture (Centre for Policy Studies "think tank") where Boris fostered "the spirit of envy". https://t.co/GyXdrg1oN7

— Буджумы правят волнами Британии (@Bonnetmaker) December 7, 2019

Based on his assumption that 16% "of our species" have an IQ below 85 and 2% have an IQ above 130%, Boris Johnson's GE2019 strategy is to address the gullible 16% just with simple slogans in order to give back control to the 2% elite, to which probably Dominic Cummings belongs.

— Буджумы правят волнами Британии (@Bonnetmaker) December 7, 2019

That's what Brexit is about: With simple messages to the dumber part of the voters, a small local elite takes back control from the EU over the future fags of these Eaton boys. And the sheepish 16% are playing along very well. That's how wolves win. (Cartoon by @PaulNoth) pic.twitter.com/nYmIE19zn1

— Буджумы правят волнами Британии (@Bonnetmaker) December 7, 2019

Now Boris Johnson is close to reaching his goal. Leavers felt abused by the EU. Boris Johnson will turn it into domestic abuse.https://t.co/dUBa0cnT6s https://t.co/M1oPaz2KF8

— Буджумы правят волнами Британии (@Bonnetmaker) December 7, 2019


Found later:

This is Johnson giving the annual Thatcher lecture in *2013*
just after he'd been re-elected as London Mayor, with his #GoodChap whiff-whaff social-liberal-really shtick
Notice the mix here too

He's shown us who he is for a looong time#JohnsonLies https://t.co/ZGDLye1itq

— Bella Vivat (Dr)🕷 ⚫️ #RevokeA50 #NHSLove #KONP (@Bellavivat) December 7, 2019


By the way:

Searching for »(Inequality AND "Boris Johnson")« in Twitter is interesting in these days.

— Буджумы правят волнами Британии (@Bonnetmaker) December 8, 2019

IMO a "Scandinavian" income inequality with a Gini index around 0.25 contributes to happiness in a society. Perfect equality as well as income inequalities above, say, 0.5 could explain a desire for violent redistribution of resources.

— Буджумы правят волнами Британии (@Bonnetmaker) December 8, 2019

How the USA Take Control of a Little Island

So we voted to ‘take back control’ we wanted more sovereignty but looks like USA aren’t going to allow that.
America would seek to take appropriate action should officials disapprove of any terms of a trade agreement that 🇬🇧 strikes with an economy like China. pic.twitter.com/DpT6wmJjnn

— Jacq Dodman #FBPE #peoplesvote #revokeArticle50 (@jacqdodman) March 2, 2019

In the Battle within the Elites the Emotions of the Commoners Are the Weapons

Actually, the Brexit is a battle about *which* elite takes (back) control over the British people.

Same story in the USA: Within the money elite, Trump was a kind of a joke. He now takes revenge.

The "idling" commoners are the weapons in these battles.https://t.co/eDhYFaHglZ

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) March 1, 2019

This is why Raab is a Brexiter: He needs to take back control from Europe completely in order to rule these British, the worst idlers in the world. Worse, these idlers really believe that "the people" will take back control.

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) February 26, 2019

Leave Has More Clout in Social Media than Remain

"We've reached the point where there is no good conclusion to Brexit and Britain faces a choice: take one for the team or be willing participants in the fall of Europe. And no, you are not going to like this." – @J_amesp #Brexit #NoDealBrexithttps://t.co/TtY4OZv6Bs

— Byline (@Byline_Media) February 25, 2019

Putin’s project works well for Putin.

[…] Brexit is a disease and Britain is a contagion risk which could unpick the fabric of the whole of Europe and leave millions more people facing much worse than even no deal. []

You Thought It’s Avocado? Eat up Your Wasabi!

@MPGeorgeEustice shows what is driving the Brexit: To the British (mostly English) political "elite" the Brexit provides the means to exert tighter control over UK citizens without interference from Europe. These citizens will have to learn again to follow their own elite only.

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) February 23, 2019

Ian, Eustine wrote his letter in a way which invites misunderstanding. However, to read it in a different way doesn't improve his letter. He uses eristic rhetoric patterns against a 2nd referendum. https://t.co/vdjgQMpOzn

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) February 23, 2019



[…] The second thing we need to do is vanquish those who want to ignore the referendum result and force people to vote again until they learn to do what the political elites demand. There is no point at all having a second referendum if parliament lacks the integrity to honour the result of the first. A decision to ignore the 2016 referendum result would be deeply damaging to our country and must not be allowed. []

  • 2nd Referendum: The point to have a second referendum is that such a referendum honours the will of intelligent and mature people (I assume that British voters are intelligent and mature) to adapt their decision to changes of the paradigms on which that decision was based. Eustine is dishonest when asking to “vanquish” those who want to “ignore the referendum result” and “force” people to vote again until they make a decision demanded by the “political elites”. That’s utter nonsense and knowingly distorts the intentions of those who ask for a 2nd referendum. It is quite unintelligent to thoughtlessly honour a 2016 referendum which was based on much less information than what is available in 2019. We need to vanquish those who want to ignore changed paradigms and unrealistic promises.
  • PCDA: Implying that a 2nd referendum would be lack of integrity shows lack of integrity on Eustine’s side. Eustine knows that good governance requires to Plan–Do–Check–Adjust decisions and their implementations. To do that e.g. by means of a 2nd referendum is more democracy, not less. One of changed paradigms justifying the application of PCDS to the 2016 decision could be explained in bold yellow letters on big red busses driven through the Kingdom: “A Brexit will lead to higher taxes required to rescue the NHS.”
  • Patronizing the People: Eustine’s “… until they [the people] learn to do what the political elites demand …” should help his constituency to easily understand what kind of lesson they will have to teach to patronizers like Eustine. To be fair, Eustine wanted to say that he is against repeating voting until voters “learn” to agree to what the political elite demands. However, Eustine’s rhetoric patterns are dishonestly eristic nevertheless (and boring, because they are being used ad nauseam by many other politicians too who are against a 2nd referendum), for it is Eustine who patronizes the voters by not letting them apply PDCA to their decision. He forces them to stick to their decision like bad parents who force their child to eat up the full wasabi serving which the poor kid chose assuming that it was avocado. Eustine is the patronizer, not those who want to offer a 2nd referendum to the people.

Brexit Will Help the British Elite to Exert Even Better Control over Their People

The Brexit won't give control back to "the people". In contrary, it will make them more rulable by the "elite" they despise so much.

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) February 20, 2019

Why? Because your flawed economic ideology led to the worst income disparity in Europe. You've persuaded a large number of UK employers that their future is better secured by moving to a different country. pic.twitter.com/rbvrSn9GoZ

— QuantumChoices #FBPE #ABTV (@tfoale) January 22, 2019


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