Wolves and Sheep

That speech was delivered on occasion of the 2013 annual Margaret Thatcher lecture (Centre for Policy Studies "think tank") where Boris fostered "the spirit of envy". https://t.co/GyXdrg1oN7

— Буджумы правят волнами Британии (@Bonnetmaker) December 7, 2019

Based on his assumption that 16% "of our species" have an IQ below 85 and 2% have an IQ above 130%, Boris Johnson's GE2019 strategy is to address the gullible 16% just with simple slogans in order to give back control to the 2% elite, to which probably Dominic Cummings belongs.

— Буджумы правят волнами Британии (@Bonnetmaker) December 7, 2019

That's what Brexit is about: With simple messages to the dumber part of the voters, a small local elite takes back control from the EU over the future fags of these Eaton boys. And the sheepish 16% are playing along very well. That's how wolves win. (Cartoon by @PaulNoth) pic.twitter.com/nYmIE19zn1

— Буджумы правят волнами Британии (@Bonnetmaker) December 7, 2019

Now Boris Johnson is close to reaching his goal. Leavers felt abused by the EU. Boris Johnson will turn it into domestic abuse.https://t.co/dUBa0cnT6s https://t.co/M1oPaz2KF8

— Буджумы правят волнами Британии (@Bonnetmaker) December 7, 2019


Found later:

This is Johnson giving the annual Thatcher lecture in *2013*
just after he'd been re-elected as London Mayor, with his #GoodChap whiff-whaff social-liberal-really shtick
Notice the mix here too

He's shown us who he is for a looong time#JohnsonLies https://t.co/ZGDLye1itq

— Bella Vivat (Dr)🕷 ⚫️ #RevokeA50 #NHSLove #KONP (@Bellavivat) December 7, 2019


By the way:

Searching for »(Inequality AND "Boris Johnson")« in Twitter is interesting in these days.

— Буджумы правят волнами Британии (@Bonnetmaker) December 8, 2019

IMO a "Scandinavian" income inequality with a Gini index around 0.25 contributes to happiness in a society. Perfect equality as well as income inequalities above, say, 0.5 could explain a desire for violent redistribution of resources.

— Буджумы правят волнами Британии (@Bonnetmaker) December 8, 2019

In the Battle within the Elites the Emotions of the Commoners Are the Weapons

Actually, the Brexit is a battle about *which* elite takes (back) control over the British people.

Same story in the USA: Within the money elite, Trump was a kind of a joke. He now takes revenge.

The "idling" commoners are the weapons in these battles.https://t.co/eDhYFaHglZ

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) March 1, 2019

This is why Raab is a Brexiter: He needs to take back control from Europe completely in order to rule these British, the worst idlers in the world. Worse, these idlers really believe that "the people" will take back control.

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) February 26, 2019

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