The Baroque President


— St Peter (@stpeteyontweety) April 3, 2019

This man would look much better with a bald head. Really. He just doesn't get it. Could it be that he actually has a rather low self esteem? How sad.

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) April 4, 2019

By the way: The image posted by @stpeteyontweety is not the original photo.
But it is beautifully baroque.

In my view, Trump is a terrible president. He perhaps would be a better president if his self esteem would be big enough to stop pretending and to be less attackable.

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) April 5, 2019

Order! Restraint! Patience! Zen!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate John Bercow’s tie 👀#BrexitVote #BrexitShambles

— Antonio Ventre (@AntonioVentre13) January 15, 2019


Good man, beautiful necktie. Keeps order since 2009 in the House of Commons. Love it. One big loss for Europe.

Order! Order! Order!

— tagesschau (@tagesschau) January 16, 2019

Still Life says about this heartwarming still life:

Carl Baum 1812 – 1877

American Still Life (c1848-1852) (AAR Volume 6, Number 2, page 24)

Baum is another American artist whose work resembles Roesen’s. American Still Life has a marble table piled high with an extravagance of fruit. There is also a bird’s nest. The picture is especially full of round fruit – hardly anything is elongated. Even the bunches of grapes make the grapes look fairly rounded, although still oblong. Most of the fruits in the picture are small, on the order of cherries. An orange looks positively huge. Baum also likes reddish fruits.

There is a posterized version (4000 x 5000) of Baum’s still life for your music chamber too.

As for the president’s choice, see: Douglas Wilson: About the Chick on the Piano … (2016-02-29).

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