“FBI can’t neutralize a security threat if the president is the threat”

But Mueller — and Congress — could pick up where counterintelligence hits its limits.

By Asha Rangappa [2019-01-13]

The FBI, according to the New York Times, opened a counterintelligence investigation into whether President Trump was secretly working on behalf of Russia after he fired former FBI director James B. Comey in 2017. As a former FBI agent who conducted investigations against foreign intelligence services, I know that the bureau would have had to possess strong evidence that Trump posed a national security threat to meet the threshold for opening such an investigation. But the more important question now is not how or why the case was opened, but whether it was ever closed. []

“Former ministers plan to hijack Brexit on Tuesday”


No surprise. I don’t think that this is a “bombshell”. The Brexit is about a few politicians and investors taking back control in order rule their citizens with less interference from Europe. Therefore the politicians’ battle is about how to instrumentalize the Brexit, not about giving people the opportunity to rethink their decision based on updated knowledge.

Trump, the Conman (1958)


In the comments to this tweet there are assumption, that “Trump” in the movie was a reference to Fred Trump, the father of Donald Trump.