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As Yellowhammer documents showed at weekend – Ports /Tunnel say that they are ready. But what they mean is they are ready to process correct paperwork/ electronic registration of tens of thousands of exporters who have never needed to. Disruption arises if traders not prepped…

— Faisal Islam (@faisalislam) August 21, 2019

Arron Banks:

We managed to arrange the evacuation of 100,000’s troops from a beach in France using thousands of small craft , under massive military pressure , in a few days but we can’t fill in a few new forms in 2019…

— Arron Banks (@Arron_banks) August 22, 2019

Two answers to Arron Banks:

We? Dunkirk happened 20+ years before you were born and thousands were killed.

— Sen. Neale Richmond (@nealerichmond) August 22, 2019

EU now pointing out what was clear in their guidance from March – UK EORI numbers will not be valid in EU after No Deal. So tens of thousands of UK traders also need to register in France, mainly, separately to auto-enrollment from HMRC announced this week

— Faisal Islam (@faisalislam) August 23, 2019

Arron Banks goes on:

“We” being the British. Ireland may have resigned itself to the status of a minor EU colony but WE are not European. You sold your country for €60 blllion net income & all the politicians bought and sold. Trump in the market for real estate deals , he loves Ireland 🇮🇪!

— Arron Banks (@Arron_banks) August 23, 2019

Another answer to Arron Banks:

When Ireland left the UK it was destitute. 20 years after joining the EU, Ireland was the Celtic Tiger and now with Sweden has a higher average income than the USA. New members Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania and Romania are among the fastest growing economies in the world.

— QuantumChoices #FBPE 🔶️ (@tfoale) August 23, 2019

Heading for a Hard Brexit Means Heading for a United Ireland

Absolutely brilliant piece on #Brexit and #NorthernIreland by @PatricKielty who predicts that if we’re heading for a hard #Brexit we’re heading for a united Ireland

— Dearbhail McDonald (@DearbhailDibs) February 26, 2019


Fintan O'Toole: Ireland has successfully shifted Brexit odds in its favour via @IrishTimesOpEd

— Fintan O'Toole (@fotoole) February 26, 2019


Mark Rutte on the Backstop

And throws us under the bus. Tories have no corporate memory of the peace process. Every action confirms this. Taking us back to darker days we hoped we’d consigned to history. Thanks, for nothing.

— Derry Diaspora (@DerryDiaspora) January 26, 2019

May needs to listen to this ⬇️

— Brexit Bin 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 #FBPE (@BrexitBin) January 27, 2019

 Mark Rutte, PM of the Netherlands

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