JRM Admits That Brexit Lost Majority

Jacob Rees-Mogg just said we can't have another referendum now that people know more about Brexit, because we'd vote to stop it.@Femi_Sorry was *almost* speechless… pic.twitter.com/nDSOaWlVdr

— Our Future, Our Choice (@OFOCBrexit) September 2, 2019

See also: https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/jacob-rees-mogg-on-lbc-1-6247494

Now that people know more about piranhas, they would vote to stop the job. https://t.co/vpFBYCtEQ6

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) September 2, 2019

The Greatest Fraud in British Political History

Best 11 minutes you'll spend tonight, Germany is on to the greatest fraud in British political history, it's all in here, Leave's lies, illegal spending, dubious companies, Banks' dodgy diamond mines, Farage; even a cameo by @shahmiruk
Full version here: https://t.co/SP3W3t4uxv pic.twitter.com/rsG5pb6dlZ

— Brexitshambles (@brexit_sham) April 4, 2019

BRILLIANT – If you though that was 11 minutes well spent, we recommend you invest the best 30 minutes you're ever likely to spend this week. This longer subtitled version contains extensive footage from @carolecadwalla and @EmmaLBriant
h/t @EuphoricEuler https://t.co/hMKnds9Wkv

— Brexitshambles (@brexit_sham) April 5, 2019

German ZDF Shows What BBC Failed to Show

A German TV reporter appears at @guardian for an interview. "You're doing a whole hour on Brexit crimes?" I say. No British broadcaster has done that. "In Germany, we think this is a v important topic. It affects the entire future of Europe. People really need to know the truth." https://t.co/jRVNMt6o56

— Carole Cadwalladr (@carolecadwalla) March 21, 2019

@DirkLaabs bring it on! You've got now many new friends in the UK! When do we finally get a debate with politicians & ordinary citizens about it as Brexit is part of a much bigger picture? @guyverhofstadt @GrahameLucas @AuroraBlogspot #FBPE @GenreResearchhttps://t.co/86olL6SmO1

— Werner Trapmann #PECS @EU27k (@WernerT_Man) March 21, 2019

One has to be logged on to YouTube to use this.
For those w/o a YouTube account, I uploaded the translation 👇https://t.co/EJ85neEdo0

— Nuclear Football (@EuphoricEuler) March 21, 2019


By Anne Applebaum
Columnist [The Washington Post]
March 8 at 6:23 PM

Elements of the 2016 British referendum campaign have long seemed familiar to Americans. There was a close, controversial election, full of rancor and anger. There were a lot of wealthy men talking about “the people” and their “will.” There were targeted advertising campaigns, stolen data and fake social media accounts. But now, with only a few days left until Britain is due to face the consequences of that vote, the Brexit story suddenly looks even more familiar: One of its protagonists turns out to have much deeper Russian business connections than previously suspected. He also tried to conceal them. []

The world is now churning out #AlternativeWar as surprise news two years down the line. Depressing really. https://t.co/ahazwMQt2o

— James Patrick 🐐 (@J_amesp) March 9, 2019


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