Mueller Investigation Affects Brexit


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What I will say is this: the only way Brexit will be undone is through a challenge to the referendum result itself. We know there were issues with postal ballots, funding illegalities, misinformation and outside interference. These raise serious questions. [1/13 thread]

The problem we have is that while a few dedicated individuals have been attacking hard on this front, it has never been taken seriously by the mainstream. The line ‘the will of the people’ continues to be trotted out and will justify anything until it is shown to be false. [2/13]

Having questions raised such as those above should be enough. Other nations have re-run elections for less. But we’re ploughing ahead regardless. At present, no one in mainstream politics – by which I mean Parliament – seems to have the will or support to tackle this. [3/13]

This might change soon, and rapidly. Already, the desperation is showing, and there are voices centre stage saying things that only months ago were considered fringe opinions. But as the realisation (possibly) dawns, the 29 March deadline closes. [4/13]

Brexit would inflict (if not Brexit itself) bear in mind that some do not. No Deal is not rolling towards us unaided. Disaster capitalists are driving us harder towards it. [5/13]

Many are against delaying Brexit and extending Article 50, and there are some good reasons for that. Extending this uncertainty for another year is damaging in itself, no matter what the final outcome. Businesses leave. The economy shrinks. [6/13]

But there is one scenario in which delay makes sense – investigating the referendum itself. That is a delay with a definite, clear goal. It’s addressing the right question. [7/13]

While many are behind the notion of a People’s Vote, the stark truth is that nothing has been done to avoid the abuses, disinformation and meddling that marred the first referendum. We’d just be playing again against someone who has loaded dice, blindly hoping to win. [8/13]

But does anyone, anywhere, have the clout – or the balls – to really start pushing for postponement pending proper investigation? It doesn’t seem so. But there is one person who could make a difference: Robert Mueller. [9/13]

His investigation centres on Trump, not Brexit. But we know they are linked, and when Mueller moves, there *will* be significant fallout this side of the Atlantic. Whether it is enough to halt Brexit, and whether it comes in time, is another question. But it’s possible. [10/13]

What this requires, though, is for people to get behind it NOW, to make their MPs raise the question NOW. A People’s Vote is not the answer. Compromise is not the answer. No Deal will cripple us. But go back to the root. Question the vote. There is good cause to do so. [11/13]

Tell them you do not have sufficient confidence in the way this was run to accept that this was the will of the people. You’re not saying it isn’t, simply that the vote itself is tainted, and cannot (should not) be used as a reliable indicator. We need to be certain. [12/13]

Push for postponement on *this* basis.
I see no other way out of this. All other routes are further self harm. [13/13]