“UKIP” And “The Brexit Party Limited” Are Cooperating

UKIP and The Brexit Party Limited are cooperating!

»Vote tactically. If UKIP is likely to lead the vote share, vote for UKIP, and if The Brexit Party is more likely to lead the field in the South East – vote for the Brexit Party, we would suggest.«https://t.co/xmB0k9KarW

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) May 16, 2019

 See also: http://www.surreyheathukip.org.uk/ (archived: 2018-08-10 | 2019-05-18)

I don’t know, however, where UKIP is likely to lead the vote share.

Also interesting: Nigel Farage’s 2015 UKIP manifesto

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