Nigel-Farage’s 2015 Manifesto

“UKIP” And “The Brexit Party Limited” Are Cooperating

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I don’t know, however, where UKIP is likely to lead the vote share.

Also interesting: Nigel Farage’s 2015 UKIP manifesto

Brexit Party Manifesto

Nigel Farage needs the Brexit to reach his political goals. At the end of this post you find links to a manifesto for which Farage is responsible.


Nigel Farage refuses to do his homework as a leader of a party which intends to send members to the EU parliament. Because of Farage’s objectives beyond Brexit, having a debate on Brexit only is not enough. Based on what is available from this founder of company number 11694875, @Richardmassey82 helped Nigel Farage to get Farage’s homework done.: Richard compiled a brief version of the manifesto of The Brexit Party Limited.

The primary objective of The Brexit Party Limited is Brexit. But to Farage (“Occupation: Leader Of A Political Party”), Brexit of course has a purpose. To him, Brexit is a means to pursue the following objectives (besides his personal financial interests) without interference from the EU:

  1. Bring back handguns after kneejerk ban after children killed in Dunblane.
  2. Scrap the NHS.
  3. Scrap maternity pay for all women in small businesses.
  4. Bring back corporal punishment in schools.
  5. Ban the building of mosques.
  6. Reduce foreign players in English football.
  7. Root out Jewish influence in government.

This is why you need to understand why Farage wants to hide the manifesto of The Brexit Party Limited.



Nigel Farage‘s objectives didn’t change: Take control back from EU so that he and his financiers have better control over their business environment in the UK. This is why he founded the company The Brexit Party Limited. Below you find Farage’s 2010 manifestos and more:

(There also is a separate page for these links.)

Psychological Warfare Coordinated between UKIP & Brexit Party

This is a weird story. The case might end without any criminal charges being filed against Carl Benjamin due to lack of evidence. But the UKIP got the desired “outrage” and attention.