The Crown Prince Totally Denied Any Knowledge



Don’t Let Anyone Think Anything Different

YouTube (uploaded 2018-06-15, see also Twitter):

[Trump] Hey, he’s the head of a country — I mean he’s the strong head, don’t let anyone think anything different — he speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same.
[FOX NEWS] Well, just before you met with him, he cleaned house. Three of his top generals, some of the hardliners, he fired. Then you go over there. You took some heat over saluting one of the generals.
[Trump] I think he fired at least —
[FOX NEWS (didn’t get Trump’s joke attempt)] Three do we know of.
[Trump] — may be “fired” “at least”. “Fired” may be a nice word.

In his exercises in sarcasm, Trump actually made fun of Kim Jong Un. As Trump later didn’t dare to crack such “jokes” about Mohammad bin Salman, Trump probably takes the prince more serious than the North Korean “strong head”. Also Trump’s courage has limits, and experimental irony isn’t always good for business.

Then again, was Trump joking? In order to be on the safe side, Trump’s people did sit and stand in attention. For some of them it wasn’t safe enough, therefore the image of Trump with his people is outdated. (In the end perhaps only Pence will remain).

Trump image: Getty Images.
Kim image: (see also Twitter: @kjulat.