What Is Trump’s Mental Age?

Oh sure! This is totally normal. He’s completely sane. pic.twitter.com/INIIedQazX

— Michael Ⓜ️ (@michaelschweitz) February 15, 2019


TBH, I'm not sure you can even call it satire anymore!

Can you really tell the difference between SNL and "President T"

Here's SNL:

"And Then I'll immediately be sued… And Then I'll Call My Buddy Kavanaugh…. He'll say new phone who Dis"


— Ryan Hill (@RyanHillMI) February 17, 2019

Thank you, Mr. President, for making me aware of that show!

As you requested, I looked into it. Great Job. As you recognized, it's a "total Republican hit job". That collusion between Republicans and NBC could explain why the gap between parody and reality seems to be so small.

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) February 18, 2019

.@MaddowBlog: Pres. Trump eyes 'retribution' against comedy shows that hurt his feelings. https://t.co/zGFyPjpbrQ

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) February 18, 2019


I wonder if a sitting President exhorting his followers that my role in a TV comedy qualifies me as an enemy of the people constitutes a threat to my safety and that of my family?

— HABFoundation (@ABFalecbaldwin) February 18, 2019



I feel another genius #RandyRainbow song is on our event horizon. This one will be more epic than ‘Stable Genius’. https://t.co/PWurVeL3Z2

— RationalThought (@IFRoutlook) February 16, 2019

Gun Control Emergency

The ease with which crazy people in this country can get guns: THAT’s a national emergency.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) February 17, 2019

Pelosi: Trump could set precedent letting next president declare emergency on gun violence https://t.co/kUMNs4fHiF pic.twitter.com/ZpxXZCJKzf

— The Hill (@thehill) February 15, 2019

100 people die from guns every day. That’s a national emergency.

If Trump gets away w this border emergency declaration, then a Dem President can declare a gun violence emergency and institute universal background checks and an assault weapons ban by executive action.


— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) February 15, 2019

National Emergency: Trumps Support to the NRA

Since Parkland: 12 Months. 1,200 Kids Killed by Gun Violence. https://t.co/rc1uejtcbK

— Forever Logical 🖖 (@ForeverLogical) February 14, 2019


Trump, your inability to acknowledge a gun was used to kill my daughter is despicable. As you continue to politicize her murder, please avoid any references to her until you are able to deal with the reality that gun violence took her life and the lives of 40,000 others.

— Fred Guttenberg (@fred_guttenberg) February 15, 2019

How Much Did The NRA Spend On Getting Trump Elected? They Broke Their Record For Campaign Spending https://t.co/m9eAsQWWDK

— Forever Logical 🖖 (@ForeverLogical) February 14, 2019

President Trump's FULL speech at NRA annual meeting in Dallas – https://t.co/7rzVcm6Sc7

— Forever Logical 🖖 (@ForeverLogical) February 14, 2019

Just weeks after Trump championed gun restrictions in a rambling televised appearance, he backpedaled on Monday, offering a gun plan that largely hews to the NRA’s orthodoxy and seemingly scraps his proposal to raise the buying age for some guns. https://t.co/XhNXpZ2G3n

— Forever Logical 🖖 (@ForeverLogical) February 14, 2019

Two days before the school shooting in Florida that left 17 dead, the Trump administration proposed cutting millions in federal education programs meant to help prevent crime in schools and assist them in recovery from tragedies. https://t.co/o3UP1PLeDS pic.twitter.com/hHDs1ZSxrp

— Forever Logical 🖖 (@ForeverLogical) February 14, 2019

Betsy DeVos said the federal commission on school safety set up this year after the Parkland, Florida, school massacre will not focus on the role guns play in school violence https://t.co/MtPiaESgWM

— Forever Logical 🖖 (@ForeverLogical) February 14, 2019

With Trump and @GOP, it's just more lies and MORE GUNS…https://t.co/HJqx0y7rlF #GunLawsNOW #GunControlNow #GunReformNow #AssaultWeaponsBan pic.twitter.com/BZpUxZFWzC

— Forever Logical 🖖 (@ForeverLogical) February 14, 2019

New CDC data shows that the number of gun homicides rose by almost a third in just *two years* – That’s over 4,000 more people killed with guns… https://t.co/cuenzYom4p

— Forever Logical 🖖 (@ForeverLogical) February 14, 2019

More Police Officers Died From Gunfire Than Traffic Incidents In 2018, Report Says – NPR https://t.co/4ip0M72Qyy

— Forever Logical 🖖 (@ForeverLogical) February 14, 2019

'Thoughts and prayers' — and fistfuls of NRA money: Why America can't control guns – LA Times https://t.co/zfMI5EEdSs

— Forever Logical 🖖 (@ForeverLogical) February 14, 2019

The Two Trump Traits That Led to the Shutdown

Trump’s wall is one big insecurity blanket https://t.co/MFGPXrB4p7

— Bloomberg Opinion (@bopinion) January 8, 2019



Some related tweets:


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 9, 2019



Trump's much-hyped speech on the border wall was a dud, says @jbview https://t.co/M7J7fofHpu

— Bloomberg Opinion (@bopinion) January 9, 2019



Refugees do not impact crime levels.

Trump’s refugee ban served as a perfect statistical experiment to prove that one of its alleged motivations — large-scale refugee-driven crime in the U.S. — was erroneous https://t.co/YJTPT7FeP3 pic.twitter.com/kzxDor9xC3

— Bloomberg Opinion (@bopinion) January 9, 2019



There is no law that says the president can spend money on purposes that Congress doesn’t want him to spend it on. https://t.co/g2u9rW3ezE

— Bloomberg Opinion (@bopinion) January 9, 2019


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