Donald Trump Is a Liar

Stephen King is right. And there already is a law which protects born alive infants: H.R.2175 – Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002 (107th Crongress). Why does the liar Trump claim that children are “executed”. Why let US citicens such an evil man take the office of the POTUS? Physicians care about children. It is Donald Trump who doesn’t care about children (who are not close to him) and does not want to be confronted with suffering in a way which complicates his decision making.

※ Donald Trump doesn’t care about children who are taken away from their parents without filing any family data which would be required to maintain the option to reunite parents and children. Donald Trump tolerates kidnapping.
※ Donald Trump doesnt’t care about a sufficiently strict gun control which would protect children from getting killed by misused weapons.
※ Donald Trump doesn’t want to be confronted with suffering. Physicians, who have to deal with the suffering of parents and dying newborns, cannot escape from that suffering. Donald Trump does not want be confronted with suffering. He cowardly refused to listen to the “suffering tape” from Jamal Khashoggi‘s torture and death. Physicians cannot behave like this president. They cannot look the other way. In the scenarios covered by the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002, physicians have to make decisions for the suffering parents and the suffering newborn only. But if they would be be forced to protect themselves, they just would have to play safe with their ofn interests in mind. The objectives of palliative care for the newborn would have lower priority.
※ Donald Trump makes friends with very evil leaders who are responsible for murderous executions. Donald Trump praises the control these cruel autocrats exert over their people. Donald Trump praises the admiration these rulers are receiving.

Donald Trump is a very evil man himself.