5 Months Since Khashoggi Was Murdered

Today marks five months since Jamal #Khashoggi was brutally killed by Saudi Arabia’s regime, simply because he dared to express himself in the @washingtonpost.

His body is still missing.

Take some time to read and share his work: https://t.co/8bo0zuM5oh

— Karen Attiah (@KarenAttiah) March 2, 2019


Jared Kushner met with MBS this week. https://t.co/lVKX4BWFvR

— SMBinNC (@SMBinNC) March 3, 2019


Meanwhile https://t.co/N3Evt0pemP

— Erik Halvorsen (@erikhalvorsen18) March 2, 2019


Since then we've learned this.https://t.co/QBwxSeW8Cp

— 'Stache (@Stache58858443) March 2, 2019


Saudi Crown Prince did this. He has also been detaining and torturing an American doctor since 2017……..https://t.co/gc8KwdGlt5

— Mark Wessler (@ohdogone) March 2, 2019


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