Trump’s Tariffs


“Measuring Trump’s 2018 Trade Protection: Five (5!) Takeaways”

My latest, with @EvaYZhang

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HELP US name our new TARIFF data visualization

Trump’s Tariffs as a Teddy Bear? Snowman? …
👇🏾 🙄

— Chad P. Bown (@ChadBown) February 15, 2019

Here's another chart from this same piece.

As a share of their total exports to US, Trump's tariffs are hitting harder the “strongman”- type countries led by the type of people Trump appears to admire (Xi, Putin, Erdogan, Bolsonaro)

— Chad P. Bown (@ChadBown) February 15, 2019

One more chart from this new analysis

Trump's tariffs are targeting parts and components, making US companies less competitive globally.

Of all US imports of intermediate inputs, 20% of them are now hit being hit by these special tariffs.

— Chad P. Bown (@ChadBown) February 15, 2019


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