In the midst of a Right-Wing Coup

We are in the midst of a right-wing coup & have been for 3+ years. Getting us to vote on leaving the EU was never about whether our EU membership was good for us or not, it was simply the vehicle for those who wanted to seize absolute power to achieve their nefarious goals.paceAngel #StopBrexit #FightTheRight #GTTO

Since the Referendum, the Gov’t has stated that, to do what they want, without scrutiny, they will revert to Henry VIII powers, meaning they can literally ignore or repeal any law passed by Parliament. Far from them respecting democracy, they are quite prepared to ignore it.

The same disregard for Parliamentary Sovereignty will be how Johnson will force through #NoDealBrexit. Every expert, piece of research & even common sense shows this would be extremely damaging for the economy, jobs & our public services not for a few months, but for decades.

These predictions aren’t just coming from Remainers, but Johnson and his team of Brexiteers also acknowledge this…. Why then would he/they be prepared to do something which is not in the best interests of us and our country?

Because they have long had plans for a de-regulated, low tax UK, allowing free market forces to shape the economy, enabling rights to be revoked to liberate businesses – this is the dream Johnson, Rees-Mogg and the ERG have had for decades.

It would be a gift to disaster capitalists and tax avoiders, but devastating for workers rights, the environment and our public services, especially our NHS. In a nutshell, we have been manipulated to support those who have no intention of looking after us.

The most vulnerable will suffer, the less able will be exploited, our elderly and young generation will pay a heavy price for their excessive greed for greater wealth and power.

So, when I Tweet about stopping Brexit or promoting another referendum, it’s not because I don’t care about democracy or want to ignore how people voted in 2016, it’s because I will do everything in my power to stop the right-wing takeover of our wonderful country.

I want to protect people, our public services and the environment. I want to retain the rights and freedoms so many fought for. I want to maintain peace in Europe and stop a return to violence in N Ireland. I want a fairer and kinder society, with opportunity for all.

I’m going to be absolutely clear with any leavers wanting to debate about what is good for the Country. I won’t engage with you unless you have seen the #GreatHack on Netflix