I Am Not Alone

We live in times where proposing to use a 2nd Brexit referendum as a step in a Deming Cycle (applied to the Brexit decision making process) seems to be a very strange idea to politicians. But today I discovered that I am not alone:

What data is this claim based on? I think it’s a hypothesis that needs to be tested by a #PeoplesVote on the specific terms of #Brexit now that we know what they are. In god we trust, all others bring data (attrib. #Deming) https://t.co/KvMeWSEdCj

— Chris Young (@worldofchris) November 23, 2018

I despair at how little it is known, and applied, in business. Management orthodoxy of command and control, and shouting, seems to go unquestioned.

— Chris Young (@worldofchris) February 25, 2019

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