Hell for Planless Brexit Promoters

I agree there must be a special place in hell for that person #WeAreAllDonaldTusk check here — https://t.co/1tfeeu1fKs pic.twitter.com/SCATbNwaNy

— Chris J Keelty (@ChrisKeelty) February 10, 2019


European Council President Donald Tusk: "I've been wondering what that special place in hell looks like for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan on how to carry it safely." https://t.co/SYBgpXU8A7 pic.twitter.com/f10OYeRhAi

— The Hill (@thehill) February 7, 2019


The art of finding a way to take offence and get on a high horse…

…called out by the John Bercow & Joanna Cherry. 👏


— Mike Galsworthy (@mikegalsworthy) February 6, 2019


Jacob Rees-Mogg wrote this article below.

In it he says that Tusk “is saying that 17.4million people are stupid and got it wrong”

Rees-Mogg is deliberately misquoting. What a crook. https://t.co/5OAYb8Ra6F

— Mike Galsworthy (@mikegalsworthy) February 8, 2019


Dear Brits, how come that this aristocratic looking Jacob Rees-Mogg guy of yours keeps lying through his teeth and can get away with it? Seemingly he needs to misquote Tusk in order to push his project which will make him even richer but most of you poorer.

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) February 8, 2019

 a sun which absorbs the day’s light

'Alexa, show me the sauna from hell.' pic.twitter.com/DChKFUECy9

— Julian Shea (@juliansheasport) March 2, 2019

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