“Brexit Is Such an Affront Because It Is a Battle in a Culture War as Surely and Pointlessly as Trump’s Wall”

Should be read and taken seriously by anyone who wants Britain to be a halfway decent society. America's culture wars have gone a long way to making their society miserable and unlivable. They will do the same to Britain.https://t.co/cgRAbBhipi

— Prince-Bishop Militantly Aardvark #FBPE #RESIST (@MilitantlyA) March 4, 2019


Trump on Brexit (verbatim):
Both sides are very very you know, they're cemented in. It’s a tough situation, it’s a shame. Frankly it’s a shame, there was no reason for that to happen, they could’ve had the vote & it should’ve gone smoothly but it didn’t. Very complicated issue. pic.twitter.com/qgaDsdbQOG

— Dr. Jennifer Cassidy (@OxfordDiplomat) March 14, 2019

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