We Can’t Be Negotiating on the Backs of Hundreds of Thousands of Federal Employees

400,000 people came into our country illegally last year and we had $67 billion worth of illegal drugs coming into our country. We must secure our border, but we can't be negotiating on the backs of hundreds of thousands of federal employees working without pay to keep us safe. pic.twitter.com/XPK7I9HGKb

— Rep. Will Hurd (@HurdOnTheHill) January 18, 2019

Thank you @WillHurd for a bit of truth. We know that the "Wall" is just a campaign issue, not a legitimate idea that trump actually cares about. #NoWallNowNoWallEver We need 21st century border security; smart security. https://t.co/deycmyRA0N

— Rachel M. Greenberg (@rachel99marta) January 27, 2019

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