Trump, the Conman (1958)

What the fresh hell. This is REAL. Filmed in 1958- about a conman who grifts a small town of suckers into building a wall. History not subtle enough for you? GUESS THE GRIFTER'S NAME
(And watch until the end)

— Alex Hirsch (@_AlexHirsch) January 9, 2019


In the comments to this tweet there are assumption, that “Trump” in the movie was a reference to Fred Trump, the father of Donald Trump.

That dude looks like Fred Trump too.
Fred Trump was 53 in 1958.

— Batman (@Batmancanseeyou) January 10, 2019

Fred Trump the slumlord, reviled by many in NYC back then. Woody Guthrie wrote him into a song back in 1950.

— Moisés Chiullán (@moiseschiu) January 10, 2019


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