Trump Took Responsibility for the Shutdown

#TrumpShutdown @realDonaldTrump #FuckTrump #TrumpResign #ImpeachTrump #NoWall

— Forever Logical 🖖 (@ForeverLogical) January 10, 2019

This one made my day and I hope it will make yours 🤣🤣🤣

.@PaulLeeTicks this is a masterpiece 👏👏👏

— Hear Me Roar (@Stop_Trump20) December 12, 2018

"The Shutdown is only because of the 2020 Presidential Election."

This is a surprisingly honest statement, for it was the Republican president Donald Trump who took the responsibility (while thousands ot witnesses were watching) for the shutdown.

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) January 5, 2019

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