The 2016 Referendum Was Advisory Only

1/3 — Chris, you are wrong. The Supreme Court has more authority in this matter than you. The referendum was not legally binding, merely "advisory," according to a Supreme Court judgement in December 2016.

— Snark Sesquicentennial (@Snark150) October 4, 2019

The official advice MPs received in June 2015 about the non-binding nature of the referendum. If you think it should be better known please RT (H/T @JamesTurner37)

— alan rusbridger (@arusbridger) June 14, 2018


Alex Salmond’s Amendment 16 (calling for a majority vote in each of England, Scotland, Wales and NI) to the Referendum Bill, was rejected in the debate almost precisely 3 years ago (16 June 2015) *on the basis* that it did “not make sense” because the referendum was advisory only

— Bella Vivat (Dr)🕷 ⚫️ #RevokeA50 #NHSLove #FBPE (@Bellavivat) June 14, 2018

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