Order! Restraint! Patience! Zen!


Good man, beautiful necktie. Keeps order since 2009 in the House of Commons. Love it. One big loss for Europe.

Democratic Double Check

It seems that Theresa May pretends to protect democracy by not offering a 2nd referendum because in reality she wants to “protect” herself from having to admit that she made several big mistakes. These mistakes would become clearly visible if a 2nd referendum would take place. To Theresa May, saving her own face is more important than the future of the United Kingdom and its citizens.

Claiming that asking people for their opinion in a 2nd referendum would do harm to democracy is utterly foolish. A 2nd referendum will be based on knowledge which was not available to the voters who participated in the 1st referendum. That’s obvious. Theresa May can think clearly and knows that. Therefore not offering a second referendum is worse than foolish. It is selfish and evil.






EU Citizens in Britain

Call in question (00:00:59) of a EU citizen to Boris Johnson: “Do you regret luring people into a false sense of certainty that their EU citizens’ friends, family, neighbours will be secure in the case of Brexit?”

Shocking? It’s Boris Johnson. The answer was evasive.
What else can one expect?

(You also may want to try https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1084857433577664520.html. However, at least when I tried to use it, some images were not displayed.)