Brexit Chart

So what might happen next? It's complicated…

— Henry Zeffman (@hzeffman) December 6, 2018

For all those asking, if the vote is pulled that is tantamount to the vote falling or the FIRST COLUMN on the flowchart – “May goes back to Brussels to renegotiate”

— Henry Zeffman (@hzeffman) December 10, 2018

Ok, ok: there's a new (leaner and meaner) flowchart coming tomorrow *gets crayons out*

— Henry Zeffman (@hzeffman) December 10, 2018

A mini flowchart to keep you ticking over for a few days. Let's call it version 1.5

— Henry Zeffman (@hzeffman) December 11, 2018

Breaking: Conservative MP Nicky Morgan tells the Commons "maybe it's time" for government of national unity (that's the grey circle on your flow/wall charts everybody)

— Henry Zeffman (@hzeffman) December 11, 2018

Can’t sleep on Meaningful Vote Eve? Here’s @thetimes updated flowchart on what could happen after May’s deal falls

— Henry Zeffman (@hzeffman) January 14, 2019

And we’re back

— Henry Zeffman (@hzeffman) February 27, 2019

Brexit flowchart latest

— Henry Zeffman (@hzeffman) March 8, 2019

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