Issue Tracking

Anybody here who uses JIRA for task tracking of supporting designers of electronic equipment or for tracking other tasks not related to SW development?

— Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) January 31, 2019


You're possibly on to something, but JIRA has never brought joy to me.
I've had more joy from just about any other issue management tool.
I find that use of JIRA (the safe bet, that's how we do it) vs considering alternatives is reflected throughout other business processes too.

— Craig Gardener (@CraigGardener) January 31, 2019

Oh, don't get me wrong – Jira is terrible, I'm not defending it.

I'm saying, maybe the use of products like Jira are a symptom of something – like maybe the businesses that select them do not really understand what their workers need, what makes good process, or something else?

— Rasmus Schultz (@mindplaydk) January 31, 2019

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