The Banality of Evil

Whom Can I Believe?




Mohammed Bin Salman: Iran Is the Culprit

Hide the USS McCain!



You thought that it couldn’t get worse?



Whatever, the Streisand effect sometimes makes hidden things even more visible.

“There’s a Method Underlying What Appears to Be Trump-GOP Madness”

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Trump Hears Signals


It is not this typo which tells us something about the IQ and the evilness of the present president of the USA. And the support which Trump gets tells us something about the character and the evilness of a large part of the citizens of the USA.

North Korea fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me. I have confidence that Chairman Kim will keep his promise to me, & also smiled when he called Swampman Joe Bidan a low IQ individual, & worse. Perhaps that’s sending me a signal?

It looks like this tweet was replaced by the next tweet from @realDonaldTrump.